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First single “Purple Rain” was released in July 2018. The first EP was released in 2019 named “3”, 3House collaborated with artist Yo-Sea, which gained publicity through the song “Dejavu”. Associated acts with KANDYTOWN’s IO, Keiji, Ryohu, Gottz, and MUD, 3House now resides in Tokyo to broaden his artist horizon. 3house is also a member of the Okinawa-originated crew named “South Cat” along with Yo-Sea.

2018年7月にデビュー・シングル『Purple Rain』をリリース。2019年にリリースされた自身初のEP ”3”ではYo-Seaを客演に迎えた"Dejavu"がバイラルヒットを記録。
KANDYTOWNのIO、Keiju、 Ryohu、Gottz、MUDとのコラボ曲リリースを経て、現在は東京を拠点に精力的に活動。Yo-Sea も在籍している沖縄出身者で構成されるクルー「South Cat」にも所属。

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