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Yo-Sea, singer/songwriter from Chatan, Okinawa, debuted in 2018 with her first single "I think she is". In the same year, she was selected as Apple Music "New Artist of the Week", SpotifyEarly Noise Artist 2019, and HYPEBEAST "10 Under 25 Artists to Watch in 2020" in 2020. He is a trusted artist and has worked with artists such as IO, 5lack, STUTS, Miliyah Kato, Kalassy Nikoff (AK-69), and many others. He also recorded a smash hit with "Gottz - Sunset (feat. IO & Yo-Sea)". With his overwhelming sense of melody and life-sized lyrics, he has made his talent known and established a unique position in the scene.

Yo-Sea(ヨーシー)沖縄・北谷出身のシンガー/ ソングライター2018 年ファースト・シングル「I think she is」でデビュー。同年 Apple Music「今週の New Artist」、 2019 年「 SpotifyEarly Noise Artist 2019」、2020 年 HYPEBEAST「2020年に注目すべきアンダー25 のアーティスト10 組」に選出。アーティストからの信頼が厚く、今までIO、5lack、STUTS、加藤ミリヤ、Kalassy Nikoff(AK-69) をはじめとするアーティスト達の作品にも参加。『Gottz - Sunset(feat. IO & Yo-Sea)』ではスマッシュヒットも記録。圧倒的なメロディセンスと等身大のリリックでその才能を知らしめ、シーンに置いて独自のポジションを確立している。

Yo-Sea - Moonlight【Official Video】

Yo-Sea - Moonlight【Official Video】

Yo-Sea - Moonlight【Official Video】 Lyrics by Yo-Sea Composed by Matt Cab, Petra Sihombing, Enrico Octaviano, Tat Tong Directer : Ryoji Kamiyama Director of photography : Yuki Hori Camera AC : Tatsumasa Matsukawa, Kazato Mori Director Assistant : Udai Production Manager : Hayato Takano Cast : Matt Cab, Gaby, Hanna, Vanny, Nikita, Danil Special Thanks STONE ISLAND: ISABEL MARANT: Yo-Sea 1st Full Album "Sea of Love" Download & Stream: Yo-Sea : Instagram: X (Twitter): TikTok : Matt Cab : Instagram: X (Twitter): TikTok : Ryoji Kamiyama : Instagram: Director of photography : Yuki Hori Instagram: Camera AC : Tatsumasa Matsukawa, Kazato Mori Instagram: Instagram: Director Assistant : Udai Instagram: Production Manager : Hayato Takano Instagram: DJ KANJI : Instagram: X (Twitter): TikTok : AOTL : Official HP: Instagram: X (Twitter): TikTok: #Moonlight #YoSea #MattCab #AOTL
E.R.I - Low key feat. Yo-Sea【Official Video】

E.R.I - Low key feat. Yo-Sea【Official Video】

E.R.I's New EP "Slice" Available now Download & Streaming ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ E.R.I - Low key feat. Yo-Sea【Official Video】 Dancer : Yuma Takeda Directed by Ken Haraki Director of photography : Tomoyuki Hirahara 1st AC : Joji Tsuchida Lighting Director : Seijyun Ichinose Production Manager : Satoru Mizuno Production Assistant : Fumiya Hirai Styling : IORI E.R.I Hairset & Makeup : Mari Enda E.R.I ACC Styling : Saria.R Location : 10KOL PENTHOUSE PIZZA CLUB Special Thanks : Benjamin's House Written by E.R.I, Yo-Sea Prod. by TC Follow E.R.I : Twitter - Instagram - - Lyrics - (E.R.I) 繋ぐrelation 2人しか知らない 静まるステーション 連れ出してtonight 抜け出したい狭い部屋 別世界 2人のパラダイス We keep a low-key バレないようにいつも あげないストーリーズ 2人シェアしたtime 甘過ぎないスイーツ 触れない領域 知られずに重ねるhands Our シークレットベース  ※ When I'm wake up 君のシャツ着るクィーンベッド クセになるこのflava 重ねてる kissin on my tattoo With you tonight 今だけ君のbae 必要ないflex 流れてくslow jam No one's gotta know , U&I I wanna be ur girl 今更もう言わない I'll keep a low-key (Yo-Sea) 外は暗やみ 人がいない場所 日が昇るまで I don’t need no fake love 君の気持ちを聞く暇もなく 瞳の中さまようVacation Sunflower また階段 Up and Down これ毎晩 I don’t give a fuck where you came from She told me how to hide, She told me how to hide from them You ain’t here for me I can not love you 街に消えて このままfades out 2人でget down ※HOOK #e_r_i #lowkey #yo_sea


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