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Belonging to "AOTL" and "Ovahead Records". From 2018, he moved his base from his hometown Hamamatsu to Tokyo and has been active as a DJ / producer. With a focus on HIPHOP, he has appeared in many events with his own songs and aggressive play style using vibes as a weapon. From 2019, he has been selected as a regular DJ of AbemaTV's popular program "Abemamix" to further expand his activities. Songs included in the EP "THE LIFE" under his own name, which welcomed the gorgeous guest performers The music video for "22VISION (Remix)" has been played 1 million times on YouTube.

DJ KANJI, who has released many works in 2021, is one of the most sought after artists.

“AOTL”と”Ovahead Records”所属。2018年より地元浜松から拠点を東京に移し、DJ/プロデューサーとして活動。HIPHOPを中心に、自身の楽曲やバイブスを武器にした攻めのプレイスタイルで多くのイベントに出演。 2019年からはAbema TVの人気プログラム『Abemamix』のレギュラーDJにも抜擢され活動の幅 を更に広げている。豪華客演陣を迎えた自身名義のEP『THE LIFE』の収録曲 ”22VISION (Remix)” のミュージックビデオはYouTubeで100万回再生を記録している。
2021年も多くの 作品リリースを抱えるDJ KANJIは、今最も注目を集めるアーティストの1人である。


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