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Music Producer / DJ from Okinawa, Japan.
His music production and DJ career was sparked when he met Yo-Sea. 
Now being Yo-Sea’s Official DJ, he also has experience of performing at clubs/lounges/bars in Tokyo, Okinawa, Osaka, etc.
He has an original groove of song selections mainly focused on R&B, which has gained attention throughout the years, and also has released four DJ mixes on SoundCloud.
As a music producer, he produced for Yo-Sea’s 1st album lead single “Without you”.  After consistently being in studio sessions with Yo-Sea and other producers from various fields, he has gained skill to step up his career to the next level. 
Having a Japanese mother and an American father, he has a background of growing up in a bilingual environment from an early age, therefore has a vision of expanding his activities not only in Japan but also overseas.

現在はYo-SeaのライブDJとして活動する中、都内や沖縄のクラブ、バー、ラウンジ•レストランを中心にゲストDJとしての出演しており、大阪や九州でのイベント出演経験もある。2022にはWONKの”Blue Note Tokyo Live”でオープニングDJを務めた。R&Bをメインとした独自な選曲で精力的に活動の幅を広げており、これまでにDJミックスをSoundCloudにて4作品リリースしている。
プロデューサーとしては、Yo-Seaのファーストアルバム先行シングル “Without you”をプロデュース。Yo-Seaとの楽曲制作や多方面のプロデューサーとセッションを重ね、着実にスキルアップしてきている彼の今後の動きに注目。


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