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Hails from Asahikawa, Hokkaido. Since 16 years old, GOODMODGOKU has been extending his multi-artistry as a rapper, singer-songwriter, and a producer. He leads the self-produced group, Artbreakhotel3.

北海道旭川市出身。16歳から音楽活動を開始。ラッパー、シンガーソングライター、ヴィデオディ レクター、プロデューサーとして活動し、幅広い才能を発揮するアーティストである。自身がプロ デューサーを務めるArtbreakhotel3を主宰。

TAMTAM - Esp feat. GOODMOODGOKU(Music Bar Session)

TAMTAM - Esp feat. GOODMOODGOKU(Music Bar Session)

ネオソウルや現行のR&Bとも共鳴する稀有なバンド、TAMTAMによるMusic Bar Session。フジロック前にぜひチェックを ▶️ All Play of Music Bar Session ・Subscribe Now ・2nd Channel Subscribe Now ・instagram Director:Jun Hanamoto-Hearn Video director : Kateb Habib 2nd Camera Operator:Christopher Nicholls Editor:Jun Hanamoto-Hearn Rec:Terunobu Suzuki Mix&Mastering Engineer : Keisuke Mukai (Setagaya Rec Studio) Producer : RINJUN (Spincoaster) Location : Spincoaster Music Bar( Curated by Spincoaster( ▼TOKYO SOUNDS "表現者を繋ぎ、新たな価値を届けます" connecting creators and delivering new value. ▼現在所属のクリエイターズパートナー Creators Partner ▼応募フォーム(Application Form) TOKYO SOUNDSへの楽曲やMVの応募(サブミッション)はこちら Please apply for Tokyo Sounds appearance request and music application from here. ▼Music Bar Session、Dance Sessionへの出演希望ミュージシャン/ダンサー、Moving JacketでのCG制作希望のクリエイターはこちら Musicians / dancers who would like to appear in "Music Bar Session" and "Dance Session", and creators who wish to produce CG in "Moving Jacket" are here. 【協賛企業募集中(Recruiting sponsors)】 ======================================= ▶️ All Play of Music Bar Session YouTube Spotify Apple Music ▶️ All Play of Moving Jacket ▶️ All Play of Dance Session


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